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Monday, November 27, 2006

what's new

Actually, not a whole lot is new! Same old same old around here. But my blog looked awfully lonely so I figured I should post. ;).

Spinning: 16 down, two to go! I'm spinning the last two batches of thank-you yarn simultaneously because I feel so bad that someone has to be last. I'm halfway through one, and about a third of the way through the other. And omg, I am in luuuurve with merino/tencel...it is an absolute dream to spin.

Don't you want to touch it??


Knitting: sock #1 is done, and it's cushy and cozy and awesome. Sock #2 is stalled, because I haven't had a lot of out-and-about knitting time lately. I knit the heel flap on Thanksgiving, and picked up the gusset stitches, but I really had to put it away because I couldn't work on it without being antisocial, what with the keeping track of the cable pattern while decreasing while my children jumped on and off my lap and begged for more pie and all.

Misc: I'm tired. I stay up way too late. But I can't help it, it's sooo quiiiiet.

The Internet continues to amaze me. I put a video up on YouTube on Saturday night, to address some questions about my basic earflap hat pattern. By this evening it had been viewed 125 times. (Wild.)

I got a huge head of romaine lettuce today, and made a ginormous salad with green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, red onion...grated parmesan and fat free caesar italian dressing...it was amazing. Then I went to the gym. Go me. Then I came home and made eggnog milkshakes. Does that count as two steps forward, one step back? Or does the milkshake completely negate the other two?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

amazing article

Cat Bordhi is my hero. (PDF)

Monday, November 20, 2006

note to self

When you have several containers of roving soaking in the utility sink?

Don't do the laundry.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I figured it was time

After reading blog after blog, with accounts of fiber festivals galore, most of them containing "first, we made a mad dash for The Fold..." I decided it was time to go check them out. I do live an hour away, after all -- not a bad trip on a Friday morning.

o. m. g.


I'm feeling the love.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've had my eye on these....

Yesterday I took a 24-hour spinning vacation...

I'm still amazed that the pattern calls for a yarn I actually have on hand. Not that I wouldn't sub, but...cool. Very cozy.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

to answer your quesitons

1. no, I am not stopping at 100. I have two more FOs to weave and photograph...I'm just sort of busy with a CRAPLOAD OF SPINNING right now. ;)

2. the yarn in my header...aaaahhhh....when I received it in the mail I seriously couldn't keep my eyes off of it. I wanted to look at it all the time. Then it dawned on me that a great way to do just that was to put it in my header! It's Ejido 160, from handpaintedyarn.com, color: Aguas.

And speaking of hpy.com, omg, look at this roving. Drool.

I've been knitting since 01/05, spinning since 07/06. Mmmmm, yarn.

Li, eh?
Sara Jayne

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