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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I smite thee, blogger

You know, I've always been pro-Blogger because of the sheer simplicity of authoring blogger templates. If you can manage basic CSS, a few tags and a smidge of HTML, you're golden. Or at least you were, until the new freaking beta from hell took over, and the entire system changed.

Yes, I'm a web person. Yes, I could learn this whole new way of coding templates if I wanted to. But you know what? If I'm going to have to learn something new from the ground up, I think I'm much better off learning WordPress. A much better investment of my time, given all of the trouble I've had with google-related sites as of late.

So here we go: http://heyjulie.wordpress.com

It's not fully customized 'cause I'm on the free server, but it works. Everything's there. I'll keep the free patterns up here for a while too, but they're over there as well.

Change your bookmarks! Come on over and say hello!


Blogger Meredith said...

Hey! So I went over to the new blog and tried to comment but I couldn't--do I have to sign up for an account? I'll try again when I have more time...

8:54 PM  

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