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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

in the works


I've had this half-spun tussah silk sitting around for a while...and imagine my delight when I pulled it out and realized that it matches the Spunky BFL I got for Christmas. I'm going to ply them together.

Lately I'm all about plying different fibers together to get the most yardage possible. I liken it to how, you know when you first start buying yarn you grab single skeins of gobs of different things, and then one day you realize that if you actually want to make stuff, you really need more? I'm finding the same thing with handspun...sure, handspun hats and fingerless gloves are great, but I'd like the option of making something more substantial.

Who knows what kind of yardage I'll end up with on this one...but it sure is gonna be beautiful.


Blogger soapchix said...

That is the most beautiful purple color! It reminds me of the hue that we painted B's room before we moved here. I love it--do you have any special plans for it once it's spun?

11:27 PM  
Blogger Abigale said...

It's so beautiful Julie! I do love your color sense. I know that feeling of - I need enough - what can I do to make sure that I have it... even if it's plying four totally different things together (good fun!)

Have fun with it. And don't worry - I don't always know what the yarn will be when it grows up either - I have loads of it just waiting for the right project to strike.

11:35 AM  

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