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Sunday, November 20, 2005

FO #44

This lace-edged hat is the companion to the baby one that I made in the spring. Someone on KH was looking for an adult lace-edged hat so I offered to resize the pattern. Turned out great if you're into the snug-hat thing....looks awful on *me*, though!

Now for the testing -- it'll be interesting to see how others do with my instructions. If all goes well, perhaps I'll submit it to headhuggers.org. The pattern for 5 sts/inch (not the 4 sts/inchshown) would make a really nice chemo cap, I think.

The boring stuff:
Lace-Edged Women's Hat (pattern my own)
Knit in Brown Sheep Prairie Silks (color: peseta purple) on US8 needles.
Started and finished 11/17


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I've been knitting since 01/05, spinning since 07/06. Mmmmm, yarn.

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